#2 Kansas Ave route detour

Due to fire damage to northbound span of Kansas Avenue Bridge, the southbound span has been converted to two-way traffic with left turns prohibited on to, or off of, the Curtis Flyoff.

The outbound North Kansas bus will be on regular route to the Curtis Flyoff exit on the Kansas Avenue Bridge.  It will continue northbound on the bridge, bypassing the Topeka Rescue Mission.  Back on route.

Topeka Rescue Mission passengers wishing to travel outbound on the #2 North Kansas may walk to the regular outbound bus stops at either Quincy & Laurent or Morse & Kansas (alleyway before Kansas), or may  board the inbound #2 at the Rescue Mission bus stop and ride to Quincy Street Station.  Because the #2 North Kansas interlines with the #17 West 17th, passengers will need to de-board at Quincy Street Station and board the outbound #2 North Kansas.