Bus operators are heroes too

TOPEKA, KAN. (April 13, 2020) With all the talk of the heroes in our community, state and country regarding healthcare workers, police, fire, and grocery store personnel braving the Coronavirus pandemic, a group that is overlooked are the public transit operators. Topeka Metro acknowledges the dedication of our bus operators coming in each day to transport those in the city who rely so heavily on public transportation. Especially during this time that we are all facing as a nation, these employees deserve recognition as well.

Topeka Metro General Manager Bob Nugent said, “In the difficult times we have been facing it is amazing to see the dedication and professionalism of our drivers and staff. To countless people in our community, they are the vital link to essentials such as food and medical services.”

Recently, Topeka Metro implemented free fares on all fixed route buses and directed those who do not need a ramp or are using a wheelchair to board at the rear entrance of the bus. This was an extra measure taken to help prevent close contact with the public and encourage social distancing on the buses.  Topeka Metro has our buses deep cleaned every evening and has provided gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes and tissues for each bus operator. Our entire staff have been practicing social distancing at Quincy Street Station and our administrative office, including our break rooms.

Topeka Metro is proud of the service we provide to our community, and we want to make sure that the bus operators receive appreciation for their part in putting themselves at risk during this pandemic.

“I ask everyone to join with me in offer thanks to these great people. They are true heroes,” said Nugent.