COVID-19 Rules for Fixed Route Buses

  • If you feel ill or have COVID-19 symptoms, DO NOT ride the bus! Call your health care provider first or the emergency room before you travel anywhere. If you do ride the bus, you could infect others.
  • Essential trips only. Idle riding is not permitted.
  • Social distancing – please try to keep at least 6 feet in-between you and others while you are in Quincy Street Station, waiting to board the bus or if you can, while on the bus.
  • Passengers are only to be inside Quincy Street Station if they are purchasing media, using the ticket vending machine, or using the restroom.  Passengers are to maintain 6 feet distance and leave the facility after completing their business.
  • Personal hygiene – Make sure that when you cough that you cough into your elbow and not your hand. If you sneeze, please use a tissue or handkerchief. Throw away tissues as soon as you can. Please do not toss them on the bus floor.
  • Washing hands for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom, sneezing or coughing or when you have touched your face.  We realize that is not always possible to do right away, but if you have hand sanitizer or wipes, those will do until you can get to some soap and water.
  • Remember to regularly sanitize touchable surfaces such as cell phones, electronics, phones, remote controls, door knobs, counters, etc.
  • We will allow people to pick up to-go food at restaurants, however, the food must be wrapped up so as not to spill and the food may not be eaten on the bus.
  • Since Shawnee County is under a “Safer at Home” order until April 30th, trips must be for medical appointments, to obtain groceries or other essential goods. See the Shawnee County order and list of essential services at this website: