Give the Earth a Break on April 22 — It’s No Pay Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, Topeka Metro will offer FREE rides on the fixed routes all day, Saturday, April 22nd.  Vouchers or tickets are not required to board the bus.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and is now a global event, with nearly 200 countries participating.  Using public transit is the perfect way to acknowledge Earth Day while contributing to the health of the environment.

“A full Metro bus can carry almost 50 people,” said Susan Duffy, General Manager of Topeka Metro. “Imagine taking that many cars off the city streets for every bus on the road. That’s a whole lot of cars—and a lot of tailpipe emissions that aren’t adding to the environmental load.” Topeka Metro Bikes are another inexpensive alternative to driving to work and they are easy to ride!  Encourage your co-workers, family and friends to ride the bus on Saturday, April 22nd and give Earth a break!