It’s Orange Cone Season Again!

As the weather warms up, we all know that the street construction kicks into full swing to repair our streets. Dealing with detours can be frustrating, but please remember, we are all in this together! We recommend that as a bus passenger, as you plan your travel for the day, look ahead on on our website or social media channels to see if your route will be affected.  Some projects will be in effect for weeks, and you can count on those streets not being passable for a while.

A few of the intersections that have begun construction are SW Gage Blvd, between 25th and 29th Streets and SE 37th & Adams.

Our tips in dealing with Orange Cone Season is to do the following:

  • PLAN for extra commute time!
  • SLOW DOWN if you are walking to the bus, driving in traffic or especially in a work zone!
  • WATCH out for workers!
  • IMAGINE the smooth streets we will all have once construction is complete!