Topeka Metro Bikes program ends July 30, 2020

TOPEKA, KANSAS (July 30, 2020) — At its June 29, 2020 board meeting, the Topeka Metro board of directors made the decision to cease operations of the Topeka Metro Bikes (TMB) bikeshare program effective July 30, 2020.  All bikeshare fees have been eliminated as of July 16, 2020.

We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to using Topeka Metro Bikes. We are proud to have been the first bikeshare program in Kansas, which started in 2015 with 100 bikes and had a total 0f 300 when the program ended.  We are thankful to Capitol Federal for their generous sponsorship and we want to acknowledge our TMB staff who have been dedicated to bikeshare in Topeka.  We know this is a disappointment to many, however, it is our sincere hope that the Topeka community will have another active bike share program again. It was our pleasure to serve you.

For current annual and monthly memberships, we will refund the entire membership fee – $25 for annual and $5 for monthly.  For the pay-as-you-go members, we will refund any credit balances. Please note that the Topeka Metro Bikes website will be de-activated as well as our social media pages.

We request that you return any Topeka Metro bikeshare program bicycle to a Topeka Metro bikeshare program bike rack by July 31, 2020.  You may direct any questions regarding the bikeshare program to Richard Appelhanz at

Thank you again and best wishes,


Robert Nugent
Topeka Metro General Manager
on behalf of Topeka Metro Bikes