Topeka Metro launches real-time bus tracker app

TOPEKA, KAN. (January 21, 2020) — Topeka Metro bus passengers can now track the location of their bus in real-time. This can be done through the Internet or by downloading an app.

The name of the system is DoubleMap, which uses global positioning (GPS) to track the location of buses in real-time. By making this information available to passengers it makes using the system easier and less confusing to use.  It also will help to cut down on phone calls to Topeka Metro’s customer service, allowing representatives to assist with other issues.

Some of the features are:

  • Choosing which routes you want to view
  • See the buses traveling in real time on a Google map
  • Locations of each bus stop
  • Save your favorite routes for easier access
  • Rider alerts such as detours and delays

General Manager Robert Nugent said, “We are excited introducing this technology to our community as it will allow for easy access to information about our service in real-time.”

Nugent said that following the DoubleMap implementation, Topeka Metro will follow up with another system that will allow passengers to get real-time information by texting a designation number.

“This is all about customer service and helping make our service more user-friendly by putting it in the hands of the passenger.  It saves time and instills passenger confidence as to when they can catch their bus.”

The Kansas Department of Transportation and the Federal Transportation Administration funded the grant for the Wi-Fi and DoubleMap app project.

The website to access Topeka Metro’s DoubleMap is The app can be located in iTunes or Google Play under DoubleMap.