Westar Energy donates electric vehicles to Topeka Metro

TOPEKA, KANSAS (September 29, 2017) — Westar Energy and Topeka Metro are excited to announce the unveiling and transfer of two electric vehicles to Topeka Metro. The event will occur on Wednesday, October 4th at 10:00 a.m. at Quincy Street Station parking lot. Speakers include Elsie Eisenbarth, Westar Energy; Susan Duffy, Topeka Metro; and Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast.

Topeka Metro submitted a grant request to the Westar Energy Foundation to obtain the electric vehicles to add to Metro’s non-revenue fleet. Westar approved the grant in August 2017, and is donating two, 2011 Nissan Leafs to the city transit. The electric cars will benefit Topeka Metro’s staff and operators for business use within the city.

“Topeka Metro is a valued community partner. Fully electric vehicles like the Leaf are an excellent fit for driving city streets throughout the day,” said Elsie Eisenbarth, vice president, operations support. “Driving electric vehicles reduces emissions and, to build on that, these cars will be operated with 100% renewable energy.”

“Topeka Metro is grateful for the generous donation from Westar Energy,” said Susan Duffy, Topeka Metro General Manager. “The donation will assist greatly with our non-passenger needs around town.”

The public is welcome to attend. If the media would like to arrange an interview with Topeka Metro General Manager Susan Duffy, please contact Keri Renner at (785) 730-8616 or via email at krenner@topekametro.org.  If you would like to arrange an interview with Westar Energy, please contact Gina Penzig at (785) 575-8089 or via email at gpenzig@westarenergy.com.

WHO:              Westar Energy and Topeka Metro

WHAT:            Unveiling of transfer of newly designed electric vehicles to Topeka Metro

WHEN:            Wednesday, October 4, 2017 – 10 a.m.